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Wahdani Wasmiyah @ Balqes
DOB : 17th April 2006

Wahdani Wasmiyah, is her registered name, but with eyes as if dark eyeliners have been applied on, and with such grace and lady-like gait, we decided to call her Balqes aka Balkis, named after the beautiful Queen of Sheba.

She was not a planned arrival. In fact, she was meant to be for a person in Oz who was not able to cope so the breeder emailed me and inquired if I was keen on her.

After having Al-deau, whom I fell for almost completely. I do realise it would be nice to have a saluki-companion for him. A friend and companion that I cannot be. But at that time, I was not rushing into getting another that soon, and was emailing breeders here & there, making enquiries. Seeing photos and checking out websites, like a Saluki Craze fever I was going through at that point of time.

After seeing the adorable photos of Balqes, who would not fall for her. I immediately rang my friend Zaihani, hoping if she took her, then I have Al-deau that would be great combo. But she was flat-broke. At that time, I was cutting down my cattery particularly the Himalayans that belonged to friends who could not cope with them. So with that........................... I dared myself to get Balqes, always reminding myself that she might NOT be like Al-deau after all! What happened if she was the entire opposite???? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez I sighed.

She arrived on the nite of the 30th August 2006, eve of Malaysia's National Day. Together with a dear friend, Lalita Lopez we went to fetch her and she was as beautiful as how I had pictured her.

She was just soooooooooooo friendly from day 1. Her first encounter with Al-deau, was that she growled at him. So we had them in separate rooms. She was quiet all through the night. The next morning I took them both out together, she did have that "camel gait" when running which is kind of seldom seen these days. Eventually they clicked and have been the best couple always until the accident where I lost Al-deau, on the 29th of May 2007.

I have always thought they would be forever and forever, together. It was a couple made in heaven that did not last. I grieved for her as she lost a soul companion, she was so restless on the day of the accident. The next day when I took her for her daily jog, she was looking for Al-deau while being off-lead. It was indeed a very sad moment for me.

Well she is the sweet lady as she has always been. She's very attached to me, and seems to remind Yasmeen of her status in the hierachy. I guess because Yasmeen loved to tease her all the while whence she entered the pack, and now whenever Yasmeen wees, Balqes will spot on the wee area. And when off leash, Balqes would generally "hunt" for Yasmeen. And Balqes would treat herself by harassing Yasmeen when the young boys join force to bully her, then again Yasmeen at times has always been the initiator.

She was shown in an International MKA show in March 2007, and acquired 2 CCs, she would have gotten her Malaysian Champion status by June 2007, but we did not show her as we were all still grieving from Al-deau's desmise.

Breeder Profile
Kennel Name : WAHDANI
Contact : Brian & Jan King
Location : Langwarrin VIC
Phone : 0397856935
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web Page : No web page on file
Member of following clubs / associations : Information not available
Remarks : ARRIVED ON 22/8/2007 TWO MALE + FIVE FEMALE.All various shades of cream in colour. By ETHAN (Ch Elarabie Oasis Ethan) from GABBIE (Ch Wahdani el Jiwan). Quality puppies may be available for show and/ or pet.Ch El Arabie Oasis Ethan is a lightly shown dog with a very impressive pedigree. Has an interesting blend of American, English,Swedish And the best Australian bloodlines. Gabbie is the dam of GrCh Wahdani Shahab Jamal,Best in show winner and Ch Wahdani el Tarifa

Over 20 Yrs experience successfully exhibiting & breeding Salukis.Quality, not quantity has been our focul point.Five litters,displaying desired Saluki atributes & temperaments to ensure success in the show ring & also, long, happy lives as much loved family pets,have been bred to date,with the seventh litter arrived late August 2007.

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