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Hi doc!! I've seen u few times walking ur dogs...days n nites....yes, we live in the same housing area!! Brought my kitten to ur clinic 2x...not knowing it was urs!! Anyway...salam perkenalan....

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Someone who care

Dogs are still dogs
Been going through yr website & reading ppl's comments on yr guest book. Wow... What can I say, kinda speechless. Its so sad bila seseorg muslim itu tahu perkara yg di buat itu suatu kesalahan tapi masih juga dia lakukan. Pelbagai alasan di beri untuk meyakinkan diri sendiri tapi yg haram tetap haram. Tak perlulah saudara nak pertikaikan kenapa dgn membuat pelbagai perbandingan sehingga nak memandai menukarkan HUKUM ALLAH. Kepada Suzana Wong... (kalau you baca message I ini) saudari adalah saudara baru, byk lagi yg perlu saudari pelajari.. tentang Islam. Jgn biarkan sikap JAHIL mengatasi diri kerana kelak ia hanya akan membinasakan diri saudari sendiri. Perbanyakkan pelajari Hadith & Sunnah, insyaAllah hidup kita akan di berkati.


Great website, Lovely Dogs
Great website, and very nice Salukis. They are indeed blessed to have a home and owner as you. They are certainly loved. And i enjoyed your articles, they are enlightening and gave me ma better understanding. Wishing you success and warm hugs to your gang. Regards Raj


Guest Susan

Thank you
You have a beautiful website which I found from the Carlsons'. I especially thank you for the studies on Islam. I would very much like to believe that we can coexist and appreciate the opportunity to gain understanding in a small way. Also the history of the breed, from your perspective. Your Salukis are beautiful; I, too, am a "cat person" who is drawn to that aspect of the Saluki and was taken in by their own qualities. Blessings to you and yours


Thumbs Up!
Hello Dr. Hasnul. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your website with all the pictures you included including the hardship stories you had went through having dogs. Thank you. I am also a Malay myself and very much exposed to dogs although in my growing years I spent most of it with cats. But dogs are always happy and eager to please you and spend time with you and are just very lovable animal!


from Ireland.I have 2 salukis and what wonderfull animals they are.Great site and stuning dogs also.I will some day import another Saluki.Kindest regards.

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Vivienne Brett

Web site
Hi Hasnul, just found your website, I have really enjoyed reading through it, how interesting the history of getting your first salukis. Its been a real pleasure reading and the pictures are great. Keep up the great work. You should add some new pictures of your lovely pups and the whole pack out on patrol!


Male Kittens
Hi there Dr Hasnul, I have some questions on male cats neutering. Picked up a male kitten about 5 months plus in mid May2011. Sent to a near by vet and he is suspected to have diaphragmatic hernia. No x-ray or surgery was done as he looks thin. We are now nursing him back to health and hope to vaccinate him in a week or two. He is now also under Revolution treatment for ear mites. My next concern would be the spraying part. Some friends says if I want eliminate the spraying thingy then I need to neuter him earlier since he is approaching 6 months now. But some also mentioned that I should wait till his genital organs to fully develop before neutering as male cats may develop urinary problems when neutered too early. I am confused and with his possible condition of a diaphragmatic hernia, I am even more in dilemma. If you could shed some light on this, appreciate it.

Tom and Tony

Sayin' Hi
I'm a friend of Joy Wendle's. I saw your birthday wishes to her on FaceBook and explored your website. Fascinating! Good luck in your future endeavors.


Hi from Oslo Norway
Realy nice Salukis and a very good homepage.I whis you the best in the future whid your Nice dogs. Im a Norwegian how loves dogs,and i have Irish Wolfhound,Borzoi,Italien Greyhound and White Swiss shepard. Best regards from Kristian.

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